Buying Bathroom Accessories at Target and AllModern

Homeowners or renters alike, bathroom accessories are an affordable way to ensure your space remains presentable without breaking the bank. Consider key pieces like toilet paper holders and shower curtains/rings.

AllModern offers a selection of modern bathroom accessories, such as vanity trays, tumblers, toothbrush holders, covered jars and soap dispensers that make their selection the ideal place for shopping modern bathroom accessories.


Target provides an expansive selection of bathroom accessories, from shower caddies and waste baskets to soap dishes, toothbrush holders and vanity top organizers. Choose from an array of colors and styles that complement your bathroom decor; stores feature spacious aisles while employees perform frequent zone sweeps to keep shelves tidy; in-store markdowns offer savings; reliable brands include Threshold home decor, Market Pantry food & drink and Room Essentials furnishings are also offered here; RedCard holders save an additional 5% – dedicated customers may even earn annual birthday presents as well as community support votes for local and national charities!


AllModern’s modern furniture brand AllModern offers an outstanding selection of bathroom accessories that will add some much-needed flair to any bathroom, such as tissue box holders with stylish patterns or animal-shaped bath mats. Additionally, there are more subdued and neutral choices available if minimalist design is your preferred aesthetic.

Burke Decor offers an assortment of fun and creative bathroom products that you will find hard to come by elsewhere, from whimsical shower curtains to storage bins made of materials like slate, natural marble, wood or eco-friendly bamboo.

IKEA, the Scandinavian retailer that offers an affordable yet stylish selection of bathroom items such as shelving units, towels and even vanities and showerheads is another fantastic resource.

Pottery Barn

Enhance the function of your bathroom with decorative yet easy-to-install countertop accessories that add style and flair. Choose from stylish bathroom soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and tissue box holders in various styles and materials; marble pieces add natural sophistication while glossy porcelain or stoneware complement modern and traditional spaces well. Coordinated woven wastebaskets make an attractive way to collect bathroom trash while providing a coordinated look on shelves or countertops.

Add new towels to your bath linens from Pottery Barn! Choose from cotton or linen-blend towels with durable constructions that feel luxurious against the skin, plus organically sourced, water-resistant textiles called Hydrocotton that uses advanced weaving technologies for increased absorbency ten times more than standard towels.

Add a personalized touch to the space with framed bathroom art that suits your aesthetic – these flamingoes make a charming choice!


Your bathroom accessory sets can come in many forms. From vibrant pops of color that add a visual impact, to spa-like sets that help promote relaxation and enhance bath experiences – there is sure to be an option that fits. Whatever style or material is chosen, ensure they can be cleaned easily when needed.

For example, the mDesign Slim Freestanding Bowl Brush & Plunger Combo is an excellent solution for small bathrooms. This compact stand houses your toilet brush and plunger in one space-saving package; making it easier to store corners or near sinks.

The Autumn Alley Rustic Bathroom Accessory Set is another wonderful way to add rustic flair. Crafted from galvanized metal that resists corrosion and humidity, the set features various pieces such as wastebaskets and magazine/toilet paper holders – not forgetting its multipurpose bin which doubles up as wastebasket.

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