Small House Plan – Affordable Kerala Homes

When planning a simple house design there are many design principles that must be considered. A simple home is also known as an economy home. This is because most homes today, whether they be old homes, or new homes are built on relatively small lots with a simple plan. As a result, houses generally follow simple floor plans and footprint layouts. This allows the builder to save large amounts of money through construction and also over the lifetime of the home. Let s discuss these concepts in more detail.

Simplicity is one of the most important design principles of any modern home design. In fact, it has become almost a badge of honor among architects, engineers, interior designers and homebuilders to describe a simple house design. Simple floor plans, subtle architectural accents, and overall construction layout of spaces could all have major cost savings over time and through the life of the house. Let s explore these ideas.

One important concept that I would like to discuss regarding a simple house design is square footage. Most people, when considering a new build, believe that the bigger the better when it comes to square footage. While it may be true that homes that are larger in size tend to be more expensive in general, this is not always the case. In fact, smaller homes with similar square footage for sale often perform better than homes that are larger in square footage. The reason for this is simple.

Consider the typical apartment building. These buildings are typically constructed with wide, open floor plans that are not designed to provide adequate access to each other. This means that not only are the rooms separately wired and maintained, but the building is also spread out across the entire property. This results in the building occupying far more land than any home designed with efficient floor plans and simple house design principles. In many cases, an affordable home could be built on less land than an affordable apartment, which allows for a more efficient use of space for every square foot of the property.

As mentioned before, many people purchase homes because of their beautiful floor plans. However, affordable Kerala home design and construction often allow for a simple house design and great floor plans. By selecting a small house plan, the home can be designed to include all of the rooms and spaces that the consumer requires. An additional benefit is that smaller houses often perform better on energy and utility bills than larger residences.

The best ideas for small house designs and constructing an affordable house is to hire a local experienced Kerala home design and construction company. A skilled architect and interior designer can show the consumer examples of previous houses that have been completed by the company. The architect will be able to show the best possible way to incorporate the required features without using the maximum number of resources. This will allow the consumer to get the house of their dreams that fits their budget as well as needs.

Roberta O'Reilly