4 Top NYC Renovation Trends in 2022

Renovating your properties is a fantastic idea since having the right designs in your home is always beneficial. We’re sure you have many dreamy Pinterest boards with inspiring remodeling ideas for your home. Just keep in mind that the best designs are the ones that are both functional and appealing to you. In addition, the changes you make in your home must reflect your specific needs while considering renovation trends.

New Yorkers have established distinctive trends ranging from outdoor attire to interior home design for years. However, renovating in NYC is an expensive endeavor with countless options and decisions to be made during the process. So, knowing what types of projects are in high demand can help you decide what to invest your money in.

Here are the top renovation trends for NYC homes in 2022. 

New Gutters to Add Beauty to Your Home 

Because gutters are small, they’re frequently overlooked in home renovations. A home with warped or water-stained gutters but a newly-painted door or a new porch won’t look as good as a home with new gutters. Remember to call in local experts if you’ve decided to replace your gutters as part of a home improvement project. So, for example, if you live in the contemporary metropolitan area of Syracuse, NYC, or anywhere in Onondaga County, seek certified Syracuse gutter contractors to install new products and create a more functional and beautiful home.

The gutter functionality can decrease due to the weather conditions in your area. Rather than risking damage to your home, replacing your old gutters can help protect it for many years. The gutter installation companies offer a free consultation to give you a customized estimate for your home project. Just make sure to choose materials and colors that match your house. One option is to select gutters that blend in with your siding. Another option is to choose gutters that complement the color of your trim or roof. 

Home Office as a Multi-Functional Room 

We don’t think that anybody will be surprised to learn that improving a home office is high on most people’s wish lists these days. After all, working from home is the new normal, even if you only do it for a couple of days a week. And we all know how important space is in New York homes. So, having rooms that serve multiple purposes is a fantastic way to make the most of your home. 

Even if you don’t have much space – don’t worry – under-stairs areas, hallways, and closets can all transform into the ideal workspace. You can convert a home office into a bedroom in the future, or you can have large doors that open to make it part of the living room.  You can make your home office blend into the overall design and disappear when not in use—or transform it into something entirely different. 

Wide Plank Wooden Floors

Hardwood flooring isn’t a new concept. Homes throughout NYC, however, are choosing wider plank sizes to create the illusion of space within the rooms. Longer and broader planks can create a more structured flow that allows the rooms to breathe. In addition, such hardwood flooring will give your room a polished and easy-to-maintain appearance, which is the perfect solution for busy New Yorkers.

We recommend choosing light hardwood floors for your NYC home because, unlike dark hardwood, they reflect light, making your rooms appear larger. Choose bamboo, maple, or oak floorboards and gray or beige for the walls to achieve a blonde wood look. Remember that working with the right contractor is essential for getting a quality hardwood floor. 

Smart Technology

Home smart technology is on the rise everywhere in the country. We all want to know whether we turned off our ovens before leaving for the weekend. If your home is outfitted with smart technology, you can quickly check that from your smartphone. And who doesn’t like to raise or lower their window shades while in bed? Smart technology allows you to do simple and luxurious things like monitoring your carbon monoxide levels.

New Yorkers like to create a connected home. So, they’re starting to incorporate tech into their home renovation projects. By incorporating smart technology into your home, you’ll be able to control your TVs, projectors, speaker, blinds, and many more with a single app on your smartphone. In addition, there are many more technology-integrated products like tables with built-in charging stations or speakers that can even serve as decor. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want to renovate your NYC home, keep in mind that some improvements will be more beneficial to your comfort than others. Understanding the latest trends can be highly beneficial when it comes to renovating ideas that will make your home more appealing.

Roberta O'Reilly

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