Add Beauty and Functionality to Your Bathroom With Bath Accessories

Add functionality and beauty to your bathroom with bath accessories from various styles that match your design aesthetic.

Look for a towel rack with either single or double rails to hold towels and clothes, and also invest in a soap dish that keeps soap dry.

Towel Shelf

Towel storage solutions can make or break the look of any bathroom. Choose from baskets, hooks and shelves to organize your linens – this bathroom features an appealing combination of baskets, hooks and shelves to store folded towels as well as a lower bar to hang damp ones up for drying purposes; additionally a matching wicker basket holds extra washcloths and hand towels ready for daily use.

A towel rack is another popular solution, typically featuring wall-mounted racks with shelves designed to store folded towels as well as bars for hanging wet ones. Rolling towel racks may take up less space.

Lowe’s has all of the bathroom accessories necessary to keep your bath tidy and organized, including linen cabinets, freestanding shelving units and recessed storage areas. Plus we carry plenty of trays, makeup organizers cotton swab holders and toilet brush caddies!

Towel Rack

Towel racks are one of the essential bathroom accessories, offering a practical way to keep multiple towels within reach. There are various types of towel racks ranging from freestanding to wall mounted that each have different advantages in terms of design quality and accessibility in any given bathroom space.

Heated towel racks make a luxurious addition to any bathroom, quickly warming your freshly washed towels and hastening dry time. Available in various styles ranging from rustic wood finishes to more intricately designed contemporary ones, heated towel racks make a statement in style!

As an easy towel display option, simply lean an old ladder against a wall and use its lower rungs to hang towels from it. Or mount some wicker baskets on the wall as storage solutions for folded-up towels and washcloths.

Glass Shelf

Glass shelves add both decorative and functional value to bathroom spaces, adding both an eye-catching element and functional storage solution. A custom glass shop offering this style can easily create shelves that blend in with any interior decor theme; additionally, these custom shelves tend to be easier to keep clean than wooden ones because they do not react with cleaning solutions like wood does.

Tempered glass shelves make an excellent addition to wall-hung shelves because of its increased durability. Tempered glass is made through thermal or chemical processes and has five times stronger bonds than annealed glass, making this an excellent choice for wall hanging shelf use.

Reorganize your vanity with modern bath accessories such as storage shelves, cosmetic organizers, and styling racks. Keep your bathroom organized by installing sink accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes and dispensers, facial tissue holders and cotton swab holders – these all help keep things tidy in your bathroom sink!

Toilet Paper Holder

Add a modern touch to your bathroom with this stainless steel toilet paper holder, perfect for easy loading and unloading with its simple design and curved bar that prevents rolls from sliding off. Plus, its larger-than-normal capacity means no more “I’m out of toilet paper!” calls from both kids and elders!

Freestanding toilet paper holders offer another space-saving solution and complement your bathroom decor seamlessly. Modern models often boast sleek lines while available textures can match the aesthetic of any space.

Those wishing to recessed mount a toilet paper holder must measure and mark the spot for the opening before cutting. Once finished, apply construction adhesive on the back of the holder before pressing into place on the wall.

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers help keep your space hygienic and tidy. These handy devices can be used for liquid soap, foam soap and hand sanitizer; some models even feature smart integrations that notify when refilling is due!

Find bathroom accessories in various finishes like black, bronze and gold. Many models feature porcelain, resin or melamine construction for greater durability; others boast natural wooden bases for an inviting touch.

These bathroom storage essentials can be purchased separately or as part of a complete set. Perfect for matching the finish of your faucet or other bathroom hardware, consider pairing your soap dispenser with a shower caddy or waste basket to keep countertops clear.

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