Choosing the Right Furniture for Small Apartments

Furnishing a small apartment can feel like a jigsaw puzzle. Whether you’re entertaining friends around a six-seater dining table or just need to optimize your studio apartment, the right furniture can make the difference.

To avoid overcrowding a petite space, choose furniture that is slim and sleek. Opt for slender armchairs and sofa silhouettes, and stick with tables that have skinny legs rather than broad tops.

Choose Functional Pieces

Whether you’re working with a large open space or a teeny tiny apartment, there are certain pieces that must be on hand to help make your home feel functional. This is why it’s essential to shop with a company that specializes in making furniture specifically for small spaces; their designs often come in a range of sizes so you can find the pieces that are just right, without having to compromise on style.

When selecting your apartment furniture, the key is to think about trim and fit. That means that your couch should not have thick arms or a big back, while your bedside table shouldn’t be too large for your room.

Also, think about multifunctional pieces. These are ideal for small apartments because they reduce the need to have multiple separate furniture items. This type of furniture can include everything from sofas that transform into beds to tables that double as desks. Mirrored or transparent furniture is also ideal for small spaces because it can help lighten the visual weight of a piece.

Think About Color and Texture

Having limited floor space doesn’t mean that you have to limit your design choices. You can still bring your personality and style to a room with apartment size furniture.

For starters, choose neutral color palettes and lighter upholstery. Lighter colors open up a room and make it feel airy. Neutrals are also versatile and work well with a wide range of interior styles.

If you want to add a splash of color, choose neutral pieces with accents in your favorite hue. This creates a cohesive look without overwhelming your small space.

Choose furniture that saves space, like a drop-leaf table that doubles as a desk during the day and a dining table at night. Or, opt for modular furniture that can be expanded as your needs change. These transformable pieces are great for tiniest apartments and micro-lofts. They can even be repurposed in larger homes.

Look for Multi-Functional Pieces

When decorating small apartments, multifunctional furniture ideas can be a real lifesaver. The needs of an apartment can change quickly, whether it’s a room for at-home work or a handy vanity area for makeup and skincare. Look for furniture that can adapt to these changing lifestyle requirements with ease, such as a bedroom dresser that moonlights as a nightstand (as shown in this stylish apartment design by Jessica Lagrange Interiors).

Aside from using multi-use pieces, keep an eye out for bespoke storage solutions. Choosing furniture with mirrored or transparent fronts is also helpful for smaller spaces, as these tricks work to reduce visual bulk. If your budget allows, consider splashing out on a built-in bespoke cabinet or bookcase for your apartment for a more permanent solution. This will not only provide plenty of storage, but it can help to streamline the space and create a more elegant feel.

Get Creative

When it comes to apartment furniture, it can feel like a Goldilocks endeavor: you want your pieces to be just right in terms of sizing and proportion. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to limit yourself to a smaller selection, though.

Instead, try looking for pieces that can fulfill two or more purposes. For example, consider a storage ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or extra seating. This can help you to free up space without sacrificing style.

You can also get creative with the materials and finishes of your furniture, particularly in a small space. For example, opt for light or neutral colors in the fabric of your sofa to make the space appear larger and more open. Also, choose curtains that go all the way to the floor to give the illusion of more height. These simple tricks can make your Old City, Philadelphia apartment feel bigger and more spacious.

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