Country Kitchen Designs – Using Natural Materials To Create A Country Kitchen

It is becoming more common to combine the sophisticated atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant with the relaxed atmosphere of a country kitchen. The country kitchen is an increasingly popular choice for hotels and bed and breakfasts as they offer a more relaxed atmosphere and easy use by the guest. Typical features include more traditional kitchen work areas with a mixture of stove, sink & range, plenty of storage space both on the floor and above. Typical meals in country kitchens include home-style main meals served to you on top of table (breakfast & lunch), some light snacks, and a selection of finger or bottle wines, usually from the local area.

If you are looking for inspiration for a rustic kitchen you might want to head to the USA. There are literally thousands of rustic wooden homes and barns to admire along America’s famous coast. Most of these barns are open just a few windows and doors which allow plenty of natural light into the rooms and add a very warm & inviting feel to the surroundings. Many barns are designed as an extension of the home with additional rooms added on either side.

Natural materials are used to create everything from the floors to the kitchen cupboards. Most wood is used and there is often a combination of wood and ceramic tiles throughout the building. The tiles are natural materials that have been carefully selected for strength, beauty and sturdiness – the perfect mix for rugged use and sturdiness. Although the look is very rustic, it is important not to sacrifice functionality for style. Rustic kitchen appliances such as the ubiquitous wooden baker’s rack and matching wooden bread and butter jars will combine perfectly with your country themed cabinetry.

Granite is a beautiful natural material for cabinetry. Granite has a texture and color that perfectly matches the feel of a country kitchen. Natural granite is also widely used as bathroom vanities and sinks. Another popular natural material for cabinetry is limestone. Although you can find limestone in a number of different styles, it is more common to find it as polished or honed slabs of rock with tiny amounts of fossils embedded among the natural color of the stone.

Countertops are an important part of creating a country kitchen design. Although there are many choices for countertops, two most common choices are wood and stone. Wood is generally preferred for its appearance and natural warmth it lends to a room. For centuries wood was the primary material for cabinetry and sink installation. Nowadays wood is often combined with other materials like stone and ceramic tiles to create modern and contemporary looks.

One important aspect of any kitchen is the lighting. Many kitchens do not have windows, so you will need to install your own windows. If your cabinetry does not have windows, then you will want to make sure you have enough light coming into the room from at least one window. You can purchase inexpensive lighting designed for kitchens, or you can design the lighting to match your decor. With the right choices and the information provided in this article, you will be able to create beautiful and functional kitchens that are unlike anything else on the market.

Roberta O'Reilly