How to Design a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens typically incorporate geometric, sleek materials and designs. This type of layout tends to be more efficient and space-saving than other types of kitchens.

One of the major advantages of a modern kitchen is its ample storage space, thanks to modern kitchen cabinets. This can be especially advantageous for busy families as it gives them more room to prepare meals and store their belongings.


Cabinets in a modern kitchen are essential to the overall aesthetic and feel of the space. Selecting cabinets that suit your individual needs and complementing other elements in the design are essential steps for success.

In selecting cabinet colors, it’s important to take into account their shape as well. Tall cabinets work best for larger kitchens while low ones are best suited for smaller areas.

Modern kitchen cabinetry is often constructed from various materials like wood, laminates, glass and metal for a unique aesthetic. This allows you to achieve the perfect aesthetic in your space.


When designing a modern kitchen, there are plenty of countertop options to choose from. Whether you prefer something natural or man-made, it is essential to assess their durability and aesthetic before making your final decision.

Granite countertops are a popular option for the modern kitchen due to their strength and versatility.

Marble is a popular stone choice for modern kitchens due to its vast selection of colors and veins that allow it to complement many different kitchen styles.

They are durable, easy to maintain and require little upkeep. Unfortunately, they can be vulnerable to stains from spills and liquids; thus it is recommended that liquids not be used near the countertop in order to reduce hard water stains.


Modern kitchen backsplashes come in an array of materials, shapes, and colors. From tile to marble and glass, there’s something here for every style.

Subway tile is a classic choice, but you can also find backsplashes with herringbone or chevron patterns for an eye-catching touch. Choose a contrasting grout color to draw attention to the pattern itself.

Modern kitchen backsplashes often feature glass, which is easy to keep clean and can reflect light beautifully. In this home, the backsplash is created from recycled glass tiles which give off the illusion of shimmering water.

This design pairs the white backsplash with flat-panel cabinets for an eye-catching focal point in the room. The stacked layout of tiles adds visual interest and creates a bright and airy atmosphere.


Kitchens see a lot of foot traffic and can become easily damaged from spills and stains. That’s why it’s essential to choose flooring that can withstand the elements while being durable enough for your family’s lifestyle.

Ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles are popular choices for kitchen floors due to their durability, ease of cleaning and variety of colors and patterns available.

Wood is another attractive option for a modern kitchen. It can add warmth to a sleek white color scheme and is often found in historic homes. Unfortunately, wood may warp or buckle easily in humid spaces like the kitchen due to its tendency to expand and contract.


Lighting in your kitchen should not only serve a practical purpose, but also create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Modern lights can add a modern flair that complements the sleek surfaces and open layout of your kitchen.

No matter if you want to create a stunning chandelier or mix and match pendants, there are plenty of modern kitchen light designs to choose from.

When selecting kitchen light fixtures, it’s essential to choose the correct hue. A warm white or yellowish tone produces a softer glow in your space that can be enhanced with brighter white task lighting beneath counters or through lamps.

A recessed ceiling light is another way to provide ambient lighting in your kitchen. These lights are concealed within your ceiling and offer a modern, sleek appearance.

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