The Best Roofing Ideas For Sheds

Your shed needs the right roof to protect its contents from extreme weather and unwanted pests; there are many quality roofing materials that will do just that.

Wood shingles and shakes combine rustic style with energy efficiency, as they reflect sunlight away rather than absorbing it. Furthermore, they’re easy to keep cool by reflecting its rays instead of absorbing them directly.

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Wood is an ideal option for homeowners seeking a natural roof look. Cedar in particular has the added advantage of resisting moisture and rot better than other wood varieties; however, its cost may put many homeowners out of budget. Yellow pine and cypress offer budget-conscious alternatives that can also be stained or treated with penetrating oils to provide extra protection. Wood roof shingles or shakes also boast energy efficiency benefits that help lower heating and cooling bills; additionally they insulate well which further cuts expenses.


Lean-to roofs are single-slopped roofs that butt against an existing building and provide shelter against weather or light drizzle. Lean-tos are popular choices when adding sheds, carports or verandahs onto homes as contractors find construction easier with one sloping side for ease of construction and less expensive than many other options.

These types of roofs may not be ideal in hurricane zones and won’t always fit with every house style; however, they do offer several benefits that make them worthwhile choices for homeowners.

Choose from an extensive variety of roofing materials for your lean-to pergola roof, such as polycarbonate sheets, synthetic tiles or asphalt shingles to find one that suits the style of your home and decor. They come in various colors and styles that allow you to find just the right style to complement it all – you could even opt for glass roofing to give your pergola an elegant and sophisticated appearance; unfortunately it can easily break during transportation.

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