5 Common Signs That You Need a Furnace Repair

You’ll be turning on the heater frequently now that it’s getting cold. So, a properly functioning furnace is essential for keeping your home comfortable in the following months. Keeping your furnace in good working condition should always be a top priority. However, because your furnace is turned off for half the year, it can sustain damage without your knowledge. To avoid staying without heat, it’s best to recognize the warning signs and schedule a furnace tune-up before calling for emergency furnace repair. 

Here, we’ll look at some of the most common signs that your furnace is failing. If you notice any signs, you should immediately contact local HVAC professionals to inspect and service your furnace. So, for example, if you live in Scarborough, CA, or anywhere in the Toronto area, seek furnace repair Scarborough-based professional technicians that offer excellent and reliable, round-the-clock services and help you keep up with the proper furnace maintenance in the future. 

Here are some indicators to schedule a furnace tune-up or emergency repair services.

Abnormal Smells or Sounds 

While furnaces can be quite pungent when first installed, they should gradually lose their odor. Therefore, you shouldn’t notice distinct smells when turning on the heater. However, a strange odor from the vents could indicate something wrong with your system. So, if you notice a lingering odor or one that has appeared out of nowhere and doesn’t go away, you need to have your furnace serviced. Strong odors from the exhaust may indicate poor combustion. While carbon monoxide can’t be smelled, you can smell Aldehydes, a byproduct of poor combustion.

Furthermore, if the heater makes weird sounds like rattling, rumbling, banging, or squeaking – it means something is wrong with your furnace. These noises can occur for several reasons. However, in any case, if your furnace is keeping you awake at night, you should contact a professional. A noisy heating system is annoying and can also be an early indicator for bigger furnace problems that could lead to a system breakdown.

The Fan Won’t Turn Off 

If you’ve noticed that your furnace fan is running continuously and won’t turn off, make sure your thermostat is working properly. It should be set to “auto” and not accidentally set to “on.” If your thermostat is set to “auto,” but your furnace runs after it’s reached the set temperature, there may be a connection problem between your thermostat and the furnace. 

The HVAC professional technicians will be able to determine whether the problem is mechanical or electrical with the thermostat or the furnace itself.

Trouble Starting the Unit

The older a furnace becomes, the more maintenance it will require. As a result, you may eventually have difficulty turning on and keeping the unit running. If you find that it takes many attempts to start the furnace or that you must restart it a few times per day, it’s time to call a professional.

Many problems can be caused by dirty filters, secondary heat exchangers, and indoor AC coils, which are simple fixes. It may also result from a clogged flame sensor, causing the furnace to operate intermittently. It’s best to catch them early and get the furnace back up and running quickly.

Uneven Heat and Poor Air Quality

If your furnace is working properly, you shouldn’t have cold or hot spots throughout the house. If you notice wildly different temperatures in similar environments, it’s a sign that your furnace needs to be repaired. Schedule service if your furnace produces no or only a low heat level, regardless of the thermostat settings. Leaking ductwork, which allows treated air to escape, or a malfunctioning thermostat, which doesn’t communicate with your furnace unit, are the most common causes of uneven heat.

Your home’s air quality is directly affected by your furnace system. A faulty system may circulate bacteria, dirt, and other particles alongside the heated air. If you notice more floating dust, as well as more coughs or other respiratory problems, it may be your furnace’s fault. Resolving furnace-related air-quality issues may be as simple as replacing the filter. However, the unit and ductwork may require professional cleaning if the issue is more severe.

Increased Energy Bills 

If you notice sudden or gradual upward trends in your energy bill, it could signify that your furnace is inefficient and needs to be serviced.

If your furnace works less efficiently than it should, your system works harder to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. You can save money each month with a heating repair or if caught early, a heating checkup.

Wrapping Up 

You must prioritize furnace maintenance because a neglected furnace can endanger your and your family’s health. In addition, during seasonal weather changes, a properly maintained furnace will keep you comfortable in your home.

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